Welcome to HostingCode.org where you can find the latest Web Hosting promo and discount codes for all of the major web hosting companies such as Hostgator, Blue Host, Just Host, FatCow, ipage and more. We also offer the latest Godaddy promo codes as well. In addition, we have a large number of articles and videos offering tutorials on how to use discount promo codes, webmail clients, hosting setup, cpanel setup and usage, wordpress installation and transfer, and much, much more.  And, because we are domainers ourselves, we use these services ourselves on a daily basis so we know what we are talking about.  So, as you can see, We are much more than just a coupon site.

hostingcode.org offers much more than just the latest godaddy and hosting promo codes

Here is a little overview of what hostingcode.org is all about.

What is A Hosting Code ?

It’s really quite simple. A hosting code is a code you can use to receive a discount on the purchase of web hosting services and or domain names. Think of it like a coupon or discount coupon, only instead of being a “physical” paper coupon, it is just a string of characters and or digits. Sometimes it will be a word that makes sense, other times maybe just random numbers and characters.

These hosting codes allow you to take a discount, either a percentage discount or a dollar amount discount off of your purchase. It is important to know that the discount usually only applies to your first invoice with that company. So for instance if you have a hostgator 75% off coupon, that coupon would only give you a 75% discount on hostgator hosting for the first purchase whether that is 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or more. Once that initial purchase expires, the account will renew at the normal hosting rate. That is why it is important when you first purchase to buy as long a period as your budget will allow to maximize your discount over the longest period of time.

What is a Godaddy Promo Code ?

Hosting codes are sometimes referred to by different names. You will hear them called: hosting codes, promo codes, hosting promo codes, discount codes, discount promo codes, hosting coupons, and more. They basically all mean the same thing. They are a code, issued by the hosting company that allows the user a discount on their hosting order.

All godaddy discount coupon codes come with limitations (also known as terms and conditions) which vary from coupon code to coupon code.  Make sure you read these conditions carefully when you find a code to make sure that it is still current and will work in the country in which you live and payment method you intend to use.  Also, coupons can typically only be used one time in each account, so if you have previously used a coupon code chances are it will not work again in that account.

Go daddy promo discount codes can sometimes be referred to as Godaddy Renewal Coupon or Coupons.  These discount codes are used for renewing domain names as opposed to purchasing a new domain.  Since we don’t always know all of the limitations of the promo codes, you can try them on your domain renewals to see if they work or not.  If we know that the code will work on renewals or transfers we will clearly state that in the blog post.

-> Save 70% – 90% on Shared hosting from the Major Hosting Companies

Saving our readers money on web hosting is our number one goal at hosting code dot org.  With that in mind, the majority of our posts are dedicated to doing just that.   We consistently show you how to get major discounts, discounts from 70% to 90% in fact.  Check out this recent article here, where we showed you how to get 83% off an amazing shared hosting package.  We will continue to show you how to get these types of saving.

Here is the master list of Godaddy Renewal Coupon Codes (as well as new domain registration).

->Why do companies offer Hosting Codes ?

Website hosting is one of the most competitive services offered on the internet. It is also a service that is needed by virtually every business and by anyone wanting to host their own websiste. These companies offer almost identical features and benefits, so as a way to differentiate themselves from each other, they will offer promotions and discounts as an incentive to sign up for hosting at their company. These companies also know that once a person has signed up for hosting and becomes a customer, they are unlikely to change companies in the future, so that small discount they provide up front, gets them a customer for a long period of time.

->Where do you find Hosting Codes ?

Hosting codes can be found in a number of places. (which is part of the problem with them up to now). Most of the larger coupon sites will have a section devoted to hosing discount codes. there are sites devoted to hosting coupons (like ours), and individual sites specifically featuring codes for the larger hosting companies like blue host & hostgator. Many of the webmaster and hosting related forums may also have a sub forum where people post the most recent codes, and finally, the hosting companies themselves often will offer their codes on their own website, or as a “pop up” that appears when a user visits or tries to leave their website. the problem with all of this is you literally have to spend a ton of time searching all of these places trying to find the most current code. A lot of time is wasted finding the code, and often then when you go to the website, the code is not valid.

don't pay full price for hosting instead use a hosting code from hostingcode.org and save a ton of money on the best web hosting service in the world

->How Do We use a Hosting Code ?

Before you begin your checkout with your hosting code ensure you have the most current and highest value code available. Also, each of the coupon codes has terms and conditions associated with it (such as time limitations when they are available, what packages it applies too, etc). This will save you time and frustration of going through the whole signup process only to find at the end the coupon code you are trying to use doesn’t work (usually because it has expired), or worse yet, signing up for a year or more only to later find a coupon code that would have given you a bigger discount.

Using a hosting promo code is extremely easy. while each company does things a little differently, they all are about essentially the same. During the checkout process and before you pay for your order, there will either be a link or a small entry box labeled “coupon code” or similar. Simply enter the code into that box and click apply. Make sure the code is applied to your order before you check out. For tips on using godaddy codes go here http://hostingcode.org/tips-on-getting-godaddy-coupons-to-work/

And although we are not an SEO site, we do sometimes talk about techniques to help your website rank higher in google and get more traffic. After all, if you have a site, you want it to be seen by as many people as possible to get your companies products and services more exposure. With that in mind, we will often mention the pro’s and con’s of different services, and if there is a better way of doing things to get your site more traffic.

Remember, we are full time domainers ourselves so we use these codes on a daily basis and we know we can save you money.  Saving money on domains give you money to spend on other tools and services you need.  Many of us spend all of our time trying to make more money and forget about saving money on products we already buy and spend money on, when saving money on these things is exactly the same as making more money.  For example, you can check out this article here on how to save a ton of money on godaddy domain names.

.99 & $1.99 Dollar Godaddy Domains

Every week we add multiple promo codes that will reduce the price of a .com domain at godaddy to .99 – $1.99 cents!  See an example here.  That represents a $10 – $11 actual savings!  Now, I am not sure how many domains you buy in a year (we buy 500 or more!) that saving quickly adds up to a lot of money.  Simply add the code into your shopping cart and click apply and the discount will be reflected.

Save Even More At Certain Times of the Year

One of the things to also watch for when looking for substantial discounts on web hosting is to watch for sales that occur at different times of the year.  These sales offer the largest discounts available.  An example is “Cyber Monday”.  Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving and has become a day for online companies to offer tremendous discounts on products and services to encourage holiday sales.

->Importance of A Good domain

Although many of the good .com domain names have already been taken, you do not need an exact match domain to rank well in google. In addition, there now are so many new domain extensions that finding a good domain for your website has become much easier. In addition, as your site becomes more popular, you may want to purchase the other extensions of your primary domain name to prevent others from doing so and trying to copy your site. This is especially where domain promo codes come in handy so when you do want to purchase additional domains, you can do so at the best possible price. The same is true when you have a new project.

-> Don’t Forget about Mobile

Recent estimates that over 25 – 40% of the current traffic on the internet is coming from mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc), and this number is only likely to rise over the next few years. I would not be surprised to see that number reach 75 – 80% in the next couple of years. With that in mind it is essential that your site render well on these mobile devices. Google is already considering this in their ranking algorithm and the importance is only likely to grow.
->Importance of Speeding Up Your Site

Many people do not realize that google looks at many factors when determining a websites ranking, and one of those factors is website speed. It is essential that your website loads quickly. And website loading speed is not only important for Seo, it is also important for the users experience. Let’s face it, no one likes to go to a website only to have it take forever to load the content. We will show you how to optimize your website, so your site can load quickly, and have the maximum user experience.

->Importance of Securing Your Hosting & web Sites

One of the things you also need to consider when building your website and choosing a hosting provider is security. Just like you use antivirus software on your personal computer, you need to take steps to ensure your website is secure from hackers, and not spreading malware to website visitors. There are a number of ways that hackers can infect your site, none of which are fun to deal with when they happen to you, and often the attack can go undetected for long periods of time. If you intend to devote a lot of time, energy and potentially money into your site, the last thing you want is for all of that hard work to be ruined. Also, once your site starts generating income for you, any disruptions can be very costly. Now that I’ve scared you silly, relax and don’t worry, this not have to be complicated, and we are here with some tools to help you out.

ipage has become one of the best hosting services in the world and they offer amazing sales and hosting discount codes

-> Godaddy is more than just domain names!

When most people think of go daddy the first thing they think of is domain names.  Well, it’s true that they are the number one domain registrar in the world, they also offer a lot more services.  As godaddy grew, their customers demanded they offer additional services to compliment their domain registration services such as email, web mail, hosting, ssl certificates, and more.  It was a logical extension for them, and they brought along their industry leading customer service with them.

Many people do not realize the fact that Godaddy is perhaps the largest provider of email services in the world.  See, one of the advantages of having your own domain is having a custom email address for that domain.  It is the number one way to brand your business.  Having said that, when you business is on the line you need a way to keep track of those important emails, and godaddy web mail solutions are the way to do that.  Recently, we wrote an article here that we think will explain a little more about godaddy web mail along with their email solutions.

-> WordPress, WordPress, WordPress

As we have often stated, all of the information we present to you is based on our actual experiences as domainers, webmasters, and niche website developers.  We are in the trenches every day with you.  This is not philosophy or fake reviews.

We still do have a few .html sites, but, like most of you, have transitioned to building all of our new sites using wordpress.  I am not going to get into all of the details here of why we are doing that (look for a separate article on that at a later date).

WordPress brings with it it’s own set of hosting challenges.  Recently we have been seeing the speed of many of our wordpress sites not where we wanted it to be.  There are few things I dislike more than a slow loading website.  A slow loading website costs you money in many ways.  Web surfers will not wait for your site to load if it is taking longer than normal.  Google also takes site loading time into consideration when they are ranking sites for search engine purposes.  You simply cannot afford to have a slow loading site.

WP Engine
As a result we have and will continue to devote our resources to bringing you additional training on wordpress, as well as hosting specifically designed to handle the unique challenges of hosting a wordpress web site.  We will provide tips & techniques, virtually all of which are free, that will allow you to have a faster loading wordpress site, and use less bandwith as well.

The speed at which your website loads is an important factor to ensure your visitors have the best possible browsing experience.  You can test the speed at which your website loads here.

-> Education, Training & Learning is Important Too

While saving you money is our primary goal, helping you understand and learn more is also important to us.  We deal with hosting and domains on a daily business, you probably do not.  Like most industries, we have our own language and terminology we use which can sometimes confuse people and make it harder to make an informed decision.  We will do our best to stay away from confusing jargon, and whenever we feel appropriate provide definitions of terms that may lead to confusion.

Likewise, you may be attempting to do something but not know quite how to do it, so we have created our resources area.

We are constantly adding to our educational materials on web hosting, web mail, cpanel, ftp, file transfer, word press, email, and a variety of other internet related topics.  Wherever possible we try to include videos which help to quickly train you on a topic you might want to learn more about or is giving you problems.  If you would like to see us add training on a specific topic area, please let us know and we will do our best to create a training video on that topic.

-> Sharing Is Caring

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